Engearment Podcast Matthew Flaherty - StrongFirst , Father and Bearded Badass Part 2

Matthew Flaherty was the first person to be on the Engearment Podcast during the COVID 19 lockdown. In the last episode, we learned about his upbringing, what drew him into health and fitness coaching and how he trains.

We also share a page in Pavel's book - The Quick and the Dead. I highly recommend you all looking into that book if you are a fan of kettlebells and training!

On this episode, we go even deeper, and crazier, and have a lot of fun doing so! Heck, there is even a flexibility drill that you can do at home (towards 1-hour mark)

We both let loose and swap some fun stories. Apologies for the slight delay around the 33-minute mark (we received some gear to test, of course!)

I hope you enjoy this fun episode with a fantastic fitness coach - that I have a lot of respect for.

Learn more about Matthew and Stafford Strength here - https://staffordstrength.com

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