Engearment Podcast Sean Sewell and Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy and Nomad

Jonathan Goodman is the founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center and Online Trainer Academy Certification. He’s authored 11 books and lived in ten countries. You can listen to him host the hilarious and educational Online Trainer Show on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube. 

Jonathan gives some very good advice in this episode. From taking training online to getting credentials for online courses and so much more.

We also spend a good amount of time on potty humor. Because poop is funny :)

This episode is going to help a lot of you out with figuring out why people seek your service, how to better help them, and create goals.  Plus, there is a lot of laughter, which is always good!

Online Trainer Show: https://www.theptdc.com/online-trainer-show-podcast


Personal Trainer Development Center: https://www.theptdc.com/online-trainer-show-podcast


Online Trainer Academy: https://www.theptdc.com/online-trainer-academy-certification



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