Engearment Podcast Sean Sewell and Tyler Valencia - How to Improve Your Online Content Creation

In this episode, Tyler Valencia MS shows how he created a great setup for creating online training, education, and webinars. We compare cameras, capture cards, lighting, microphones, and other tools to help you stand out in the online service community.

Tyler has put together a very helpful video on how you can do all this, for around $100!

Upgrading Your Smartphone Accessories https://youtu.be/POcInZpOyzI

Tyler also has a great podcast with some very well known fitness professionals. It is definitely worth checking out! Here are 2 that are related to this podcast episode.

Podcast Episode with Katie Cruz https://youtu.be/BAnEHRFLgxQ

Podcast Episode with Mona Bitar https://youtu.be/tG3OipBxrno



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